Capital Software has been a major contributor to the pioneering of one of the world’s fastest growing financial instruments, the pre-paid debit card.

We deliver customised card programmes involving co-branded card solutions based on the implementation of our Capital Money Visa Card.



Capital Software is a leader in providing payroll prepaid card solutions in South Africa, sponsored by one of the largest banks in the world.

Our card solutions are specifically designed to deliver fiscal benefits to employers and commercial groups.

A reduction in cheque and cash handling fees often have a significant effect on banking fees with the resultant diminishing effect of the associated risks involved in cash transactions.

We also optimise company travel and entertainment compliance with seamless and auditable payment processing. Payments are flexible and real-time negating the impracticality of bank cut off times and ensuring that payments are received instantly or within specified timeframes.

Our legal arm is active in the spheres of garnishee and loan/payroll management resulting in less employee bank account management which takes up the valuable time of the modern payroll office.


Frequently asked questions

Can any organisation sign up the Capital Software Program for payment assistance for its employees?

Yes, any organisation or employer who wants to process salary or Per-diems payments for their staff members can utilise the services of Capital Software. Capital Software is capable of processing payment runs for as little as ten employees to over 200,000 employees at one time utilising its powerful payment platform and card roll out teams.

What is the criteria in order to pay my staff in this manner?

Enter into an agreement with Capital Software and complete a client take on form.

What is the benefit to me as the employer?

Payroll processing especially to employees who do not qualify for a bank account is particlary expensive and risky.

There is usually risk associated with cash handling and cheque processing is costly for the employee and usually takes up time in bank queues in order to cash their cheques.

Capital Software alleviates all this associated risk, time and effort for the employer by processing employee salaries directly to their Capital Money Visa Card.

Their money is in then kept in a secure mechanism which then opens up all the other value added products and services which Capital Software can offer to employees on behalf of the employer, which can be marketed as Employee Benefits.

As payroll processing only requires one EFT transaction for all employees, the employer will make a significant cost saving in actual salary processing.

How long does project implementation usually take?

It all depends on the size and location of the organisation. Projects can take as little as a month for smaller companies up to a year of project initiation for larger, multi-site locations.

My organisation is not based in Gauteng, can Capital Software deliver these solutions in any province in South Africa?

Yes, Capital Software has delivered card programmes in all provinces of South Africa, even delivering cards in the Karoo.

What credentials does the Capital Group of Companies have in order to initiate such a payroll change in my organisation?

Capital Software is regulated in terms of Directives 1 and 2 of 2007 of the National Payment Systems Act (NPS Act) (see Capital Software is registered as a Third Party Payments Processor (TPPP) and Systems Operator (SO) at the Payments Association of South Africa (see The registration at PASA is sponsored by ABSA Bank Limited.

Is the Capital Money Visa Card targeted solely at the lower LSM market or can the card be utilised by my middle management staff?

Although the Capital Money Visa Card is perfectly designed for employees who earn less than R25000 per month and need assistance with financial management and debt consolidation the card is being used by some of Capital Software's existing corporates to pay middle and upper management Per-diems so that they too can access the cost effective medical insurance and short term insurance benefits.

Will the switch over in payroll processes affect my internal HR processes dramatically?Is Capital Software capable of processing large salary runs?

No, the Capital Software payroll platform is designed to integrate with most payroll software so the HR process is affected as minimally as possible.

If an organisation does not use industry standard payroll software then the Capital Software platform can be solely utilised as a replacement to excel and paper-based processes.

Is Capital Software capable of processing large salary runs?

In 2011 Capital Software processed over R1.5 billion for the government in less than 3 week's salary runs.

How long does it take for the money to show in my Capital Money Visa Card after payday?

No times for payment will be effected from the current turnaround times with the employer. Whichever day the employer choses to make salary payments to card will be the day the card is funded. There is no Saswitch waiting times as the card is immediately funded.

What is the Capital Money Visa Card?

The Capital Money Visa card is a prepaid single-source card. The card works in a very similar way to a savings account debit card in that it can be used at any merchant Point of Sale device and any ATM where Visa cards are accepted - which is most places in South Africa.

Unlike a traditional savings account debit card, this prepaid card is a card which is funded directly by an employer.

Capital Software then handles all the employees debit orders, garnishee orders, payments and makes the net payment to the Capital Money Visa Card, which is then in a secure protected environment for the cardholder to use without the threat of scrupulous lenders trying to access their money.

Can anyone receive a Capital Money Visa Card?

Anyone over the age of 18 years old who has a valid South African Identity book or an authorised foreign passport with South African residential status can receive the Capital Money Visa Card. The only FICA requirement to receive this Visa card is a copy of the cardholder's identification documentation.

What are the benefits to me as an individual to use the Capital Money Visa Card over my existing bank account?

The Capital Group has negotiated a competitive transactional fee structure for card transactions, EFT payments and account handling.

Our aim is to give the individual a cost saving in banking fees and to assist the individual with financial well-being through its various financial fitness initiatives.

The Capital Group is also well averse in managing garnishee orders and settling debt on behalf of its clients. As the Capital Money Visa Card is a single source prepaid card the money on the card is protected from any kind of debit transaction.

By having a Capital Money Visa Card the individual has access to a plethora of insurance and loyalty products and the financial advisory services from Sanlam which can assist the individual with future financial planning and debt consolidation.

Can I use this card to pay for fuel?

Yes, if the garage accept Visa debit cards.

What is the withdrawal limit per day?

A maximum of R2000.00 can be withdrawn from the ATM per day.

What if I have debit orders going directly in my bank account?

A maximum of R2000.00 can be withdrawn from the ATM per day.

Can I use any ATM's?

Yes, any ATM in South Africa which accepts Visa cards. The Capital Money Visa Card also works at Express ATM's, but we suggest to all our cardholders that they only utilise Absa ATM's as the transactional fees are significantly reduced compared to SASWitch fees.

What do I have to do if I lose my card?

You will need to report your card lost or stolen to our Call Centre who will then STOP the card so no fraudulent transactions can occur and will then replace the card for you and post it to your most convenient location. 0861 222 74 825

Can I use my card outside South Africa?

No, the Capital Money Visa Card only works in South Africa, it does not work in Lesotho or Swaziland or any foreign country.

Will I be notified when my card is funded?

You will receive an SMS to the cellphone number you provide to Capital Software every time your Capital Money Visa Card is funded. You will also be notified of all your debit runs and status for any products and services you receive from Capital Software.

Is the Call Centre available 24/7?

The Capital Software Call Centre is available from 8:00- 17:30 Monday to Friday. However if your enquiry is urgent, like a STOP card or urgent statement then our call centre immediately routes to Absa Call Centre in out of hours service times, so you will always be able to speak to a customer agent.

How do I find out more information about the Capital Money Visa Card and its various value-added products and services?

Our Call Centre Agents will be able to assist you with any queries you may have. If you would like someone to contact you fill in your details in the contact us section on this website and one of our representatives will call you to give you more information.

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