EVITA is a Life Assurance Administration and Financial Management System. The system finds its origin in the mid-nineties in consultation with a number of business analysts from Momentum Life Insurance Company.

The initial system was deployed during the late 1990’s at various insurance companies in Africa. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s Capital Software established a company in London to service the UK, European and Middle-East markets. During this period Capital Software commenced with an implementation for the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group in the United Kingdom.

The current version of the EVITA Life Administration and Financial Management system is the culmination of almost 20 years of collaboration, market knowledge and know-how, development and customization, resulting in a sophisticated, comprehensive product-suite.


  • Accounting (Debtors; Creditors; Receipt Allocation);
  • Agent Administration;
  • Life Administration (Quotes;
  • New Business;
  • Client Liaison;
  • Technical Alterations;
  • Underwriting; Claims);
  • User Master (Security);
  • Housekeeping (Master Files; Actuarial; Products; Riders; Benefits);
  • System functions (Month-end reports; On-demand reports).



  • Whole Life;
  • Term;
  • Endowments;
  • Mortgages;
  • Preferred Annuities;
  • Retirement Annuities;
  • Pensions



It is important to note that the system is parameter-driven providing for a high degree of user-driven product innovation. This implies that products can be created dynamically by the user without any further intervention on the part of IT staff.

A comprehensive audit trail is established for each and every amendment made by every user. In other words, every user is registered when he / she “logs-on”. Every amendment and / or update is electronically and automatically filed in the “histories” for record keeping and audit purposes together with the user’s identity, date and time stamp.

Functions within the Life Administration module follow a meaningful workflow process. The following explanation can be provided merely as an illustration of the efficiencies that can be achieved in establishing work-flow procedures as follows:

  • A “quick” quote is automatically converted into the New Business Module.
  • Upon completion of the New Business, the policy is “Added to Life” and it automatically and electronically moves into the Client Liaison and Technical Alteration Modules.
  • If a claim is processed (e.g. surrender value) from within the Client Liaison module, the claim will automatically and electronically move into the Claims Module awaiting authorization.
  • In the Claims module, the claims awaiting authorization are available for the responsible person.
  • Upon authorization, the claim is automatically and electronically moved to the accounting modules awaiting payment processing.
  • Functions such as accounting, debtors, creditors, collections, receipting and reconciliations require a more detailed discussion.

For the sake of brevity, the following function and feature can be highlighted merely as one example of the urgent requirement at most insurers in South Africa:

  • Receipt allocation allows for remote sites (e.g. funeral parlours) to allocate cash receipts against specific policies in a simple, quick and easy-to-use manner thereby limiting the current challenges of unallocated cash deposits and reconciliations.
  • Collections can be facilitated through a variety of payment processes e.g. debit orders, Naedo, stop orders, salary deductions, cash deposits, debit card payments, and various retailers such as Easypay. All the payment processes follow a common methodology allowing for simplified reconciliation in the cashbook modules.


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