As expected from a product based on current industry standard architecture and platforms as well as our company’s desire to provide differentiating product development, IMPACT is a feature rich product which also enjoys a high degree of integration with external 3rd party software products. We understand and believe in our core products but we also believe in leveraging 3rd party functionality to the benefit of our product and our clients.

In addition to the core broking functions expected from a modern, industry compliant application IMPACT also includes a number of fantastic business benefits such as integrated DMS and Workflow, Contact Management, Quotation and Slip/Contract (Placement) management, Wording Database (Clause Library), Payment Requisition (cashier) system and many more.

The fact that IMPACT enjoys an industry standard technology platform together with the modern design and development architecture is evidenced by the high degree of 3rd party software integration achieved. IMPACT currently delivers seamless integration with many Microsoft products, MI software, Data Warehousing products, 3rd Party Workflow systems and many London Market reform initiatives for electronic trading.



The time and cost investment into IT systems suggests that product flexibility should be one of the critical considerations when making any decision on software applications. The ability to future proof IT systems is absolutely dependent on the adaptability and flexibility at all levels of the underlying architecture.

Whilst we cannot claim to know what the future holds, we can certainly demonstrate our past successes in this area by the extensive range of business that IMPACT supports without the need to significantly affect the architecture and design of the core product. The range of insurance and reinsurance products supported by IMPACT includes a wide variety of Marine, Aviation and Non Marine classes of business, Direct Insurance including all types of Binders (both 3rd party and in-house binders), Facultative, Proportional Treaty and many more.

The adaptability of IMPACT is demonstrated by the ability to successfully utilise one core platform to process insurance business for Brokers, Managing Agents, Retail, Schemes and Run-off companies. The ability to adapt IMPACT to provide significantly different business sectors with a core processing platform without significant re-development, time and cost implications has contributed to the successful adoption and acceptance of the product in the UK and across international insurance markets.

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